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Living in a nice home complemented by superior facilities and amenities will help ease the pressures of the hustle and bustle everyday. Corvia Alviera is the type of neighborhood that can achieve that work life balance for your lifestyle with their services like no other. Facilities and amenities that can spur on your active pace and make you enjoy the experience at the same time.

Safety and protection are essential matters here so this community has a 24-hour security. For residents, this is a priority, too, as you want to be calm and relaxed in your own haven.

Knowing you’re in the countryside means more nature to reckon with. Here in Corvia Alviera – there will be a lot of open lawn spaces plus garden and picnic areas to explore. There are also parks and gazebo everywhere to help you relax in your downtime.

Not to be left behind is the whole property’s own Clubhouse – a 6-hectare Alviera Country Club. It’s a sports and lifestyle club which includes the following: meeting rooms, pools, specialty restaurants, ballroom for special events and occasions as well as sports and entertainment facilities.

What amenities can you find here at Corvia Alviera? There is the swimming pool to look forward after a tiring day or week. You can bond with loved ones over a swimming activity on a weekend. Time to laze and enjoy the fun with your dear ones as you bask in the sun and refresh yourselves.

Do your running and walking in the jogging paths around you – amidst lush greeneries and landscapes. If you like biking, you will be pleased to know that impressive biking trails will be available for you.

Or you may want to try the modern gym with the latest exercise equipment. Isn’t it refreshing to do your daily exercise routines with your family? Try and check it out. After all, keeping fit and healthy remains #1 priority for most of us, more so in this trying times of the pandemic.

If you are fond of sports, there’s a basketball court for you to go for hoops and play with neighbors and friends. Your small kids also have their own playground so they can play to their hearts’ delight.

What’s more? Coming up are commercial areas with great potentials where you can do business with.

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